Thursday, January 24, 2013

tool #11

Favorite tools question

1) Google docs is good interacting with students and teachers. I plan to use for assigning projects for collecting terms for art history.

2) I will utilize more flexibility to allow students to find the informaton they need for themselves instead of teacher doing all the work.

3) Our students will need to adjust to being responsible for their learning and not have everything handed to them and told what to do. They need to read directions and follow them without teacher having to do it for them.  And, students will be able to create their own interpretations and ideas based on the lesson.
Our students have the opportunity and explore without much prompting.  They can follow directions on their own when given the expectation to do so.

tool #10

Digital citizenship

Copyright laws and blindly copying visual and text information is wrong and can cause legal troubles- we teach students to avoid this behavior. There is copyright law link

People know how it feels to have something taken from them. They need to understand- "do unto others as you would have done to you."
I will send information home with students to talk about being a good digital citizen.

tool #9

1) Computers are the necessary monster to staying current, ahead, and connected to what is happening. They are a proven successful tool that can help predict future needs and wants for business and consumers in the global market place.

2) Students need to see they can attain goals through technology by accessing needed information.

3) The thinkfinity site deals with the main subjects

4) Animoto works to create a moving slideshow presentation. Color pencils work well with our new Wacom tablets.

5) Ipod/touch work well with team projects so the students can blog and connect with each other.

tool #8

  I've owned a Mac for about 10 years. I am amazed with the power and tools available to create works of art.
  We use photoshop and internet sites to help with our projects. We recently purchased Wacom tablets and will utilize this technology in the future to enhance our projects.

tool #7

Our team completes an Art History project. This year we will work with other classes to share information. For example: a student in 1st period can work with a 5th period student with the same artist they are researching- to share information and insights. A student  in Mr. Choates class and one of my students can share information as well.

tool #6

Diigo is useful in keeping track of informational resources. Also, google docs and Edmodo help group together each class  and save that information for easy access.

tool #5

I have used animoto  to create a sandcastle field trip video along with Northbrook Middle School art teacher, Stephanie Walton.