Monday, May 21, 2012

  11 Tools is an effective way for teachers to network. Another opportunity has been provided to expand our knowledge by sharing ideas that are relevant in the 21st C.
 At first I thought this was just another technology for technologies sake "hand out/work sheet".
I am thankful for tech. support guidance setting up the blog and making sure we aare all on the same page.


  1. I like your voki and what he says...also like the name of your blog...perfect for NHS. I agree about being grateful for the initial support...but you are kind of on your own now...only 10 tools to go and time is running out...good luck.

  2. Summer is almost half over...better get busy with 11 tools and blogging...don't wait till the last minute!!

  3. Scott,
    the deadling to complete 11 Tools is Aug. 15th...don't forget to go into Atomic Learning and do the assessment when you finish. Print out your certificate and also save it as a digital copy.